I Posted. What Now?

When you have succeeded in creating a new content item, and are viewing the preview page, you will see it has a pinkish background color; this indicates the file is in the moderation queue and not viewable on the website yet, until it is placed under a menu heading and switched on to "publish" by a site administrator.

While looking at your finished work in preview, notice that the URL, or path description, of the file you have created will be displayed in the location bar of your browser.

Drag your mouse to select and copy that address showing in the location bar, and paste that address into an e-mail message addressed to Admin(at)electiondefensealliance(dot)org along with a note listing your name, e-mail and/or phone number. This is to notify an admin that your page is in the moderation queue awaiting action.
If you have a particular page location in mind for placing your item, mention that in your note, too. Thanks for contributing.