Add Content to the EDA Site

Everyone who has established an EDA website account is invited to post content to this site -- especially election integrity news or information resources pertinent to your county or state that we might not otherwise be aware of.

Please take a few minutes to read these instructions on posting site content. Print and follow the steps below. Practice posting a new page and you will find the process is actually simpler than it looks.

Posting content to the EDA website requires an active EDA Web Account.
If you do not yet have an EDA web account, you can establish one by clicking on the JOIN link in the main menu bar on any page.
NOTE: You must be logged into your existing EDA website account to access posting links included in this guide.

How to Add Content:

1. Log in to Your EDA Web Account
(Access links you will need to follow these directions WILL NOT APPEAR unless you are logged into your existing EDA web account).

2. Go to the Story Content Editor, here:

Our content creation editor works much like any word processor or blog program. It has a rich-text, visual interface with a toolbar palette. The content editor is defaulted to the Rich Text mode. Remain in the Rich Text (default) mode.
(Exception: Inserting video embed codes. See under VIDEO below.)

Three Main Content Types:

TEXT:  Render your text content in plain text format before copying and pasting into the content editor.
Then use the editor tool palette to add formatting details (headlines, bold, etc.)

IMAGES: Use the "File attachments" link below the editing box to upload image files from your computer. The images will be assigned an URL on the EDA site. Copy that URL and use the Image tool in the editing palette to insert the images
into the article.

VIDEO: To insert a video embed code into your article:
1. Click the Source tool button in the tool palette to temporarily switch to plain text editing mode. 
2. Paste  your embed code in the desired location.
3. Click the Source button again to return to rich text editing mode.

Pre-publication Review:

Postings will go into a review queue. Prior to publishing, an EDA web administrator will review the content, correct any formatting problems, and assign an URL and menu location, then publish your article live to the website.

Have posting questions? Need assistance?  E-mail Admin[at]ElectionDefenseAlliance[dot]org