Example of a Pending Post

What Happened to My Article?

Condensed Review of Story Upload Procedure at EDA Website

1. Click the "Add Content to Public Pages" link found in the "Create Content" menu in the lefthand column

2. Read that first page of instructions, and click the link at the foot of that page that says "Upload New Unfiled Content Here"

3. On that second page, read the review of procedures, then click the "Add Child Page" link at the foot of the page.

4. You will arrive in the content editor, which by default is set to file your story in the Upload New Unfiled Content queue.

5. When done composing your article, click the Submit button. Your unpublished article will be stored in a content queue for web admin. review and publishing.
(Your file will not be saved unless and until you click Submit.)

Please DO NOT check the "Publish" box. Leave that step for the administrators to complete when they assign menu placement for your story.

6. Finish by sending an e-mail with the URL of your post to Admin(at)electiondefensealliance(dot)org.
That way we know that your story is waiting for review and publication.

An administrator will check the formatting, assign your article to a subject area and topic heading on the website, and send you an e-mail with the link to your newly-posted article.