Elections and Jesse James


Verifiable Ballot Counts Would Stop Freefall of Public Confidence in Elections

When Jesse James robbed a bank, he didn’t get to be bank president or set future vault security policy. But when someone steals an election, they get to preside over the next election and change election security.
by Paul L. Lehto, Attorney / RealChangeNews.org / June 1, 2006
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Jesse James was reportedly asked why he robbed banks and he replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” ** Some things are so blindingly obvious, it’s funny to be reminded. [** This apocryphal quote is also more often attributed to bank robber Willie Sutton -- Ed.]

Another obvious association would be elections and political power. Try asking your least favorite politician why he steals elections and, like Jesse James, he’ll say, “Because that’s where the power is.” Right?

Mark C. Miller, PhD. Responds to Michael Sherer's Salon Article on Voting Machine Hearings


MC Miller's response to Michael Scherer's Salon article (posted below):

I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but this (HR 550's "paper trail" requirement) is not a good idea.

Why is our democracy at risk? Is it just because those DRE machines don't leave a paper trail? Or is it that the Bush Republicans detest democracy, since they cannot wield power without subverting the electoral system? The fact is that they're pushing an agenda that could never win majority support in the United States--from liberals or conservatives. They've therefore had no choice but to commit election fraud, repeatedly and on a mammoth scale, deploying every trick and tactic in the book, and then some.

Manually Not Counting: A Voter Describes In-Person Disenfranchisement, Busby Campaign Ignores Situation


Dear Ilene Proctor,

There were no electronic machines in our district, the heart of the Busby-Bilbray district. they were instead very fragile, tacky, old cardboard election boxes in which you dropped your traditional ballot. Inexplicably, the machine refused to accept my husband's completed ballot. I tried mine as well, but the same thing happened, though the woman before us had had no trouble. A poll watcher rushed over, adjusted the machine and said it was working again. We expected to slip our ballots into the box then, but the man stopped us, saying our votes had already rung up. I said I didn't care, my vote was not in the box yet and I was going to insert it. The man literally grabbed our ballots out of our hands and shoved them into another box, which he said was the one containing the absentee ballots. I protested but he claimed they would be counted along with the absentee votes.

Diebold TSx's Flipping Votes in Georgia Primary


From: U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Subject: 3:30 in the afternoon and machines still recording votes for wrong candidate
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 19:48:30 -0400

One persistent problem with the Diebold electronic voting machines is their tendency to cast votes against the intentions of the voter. The voting day in Cynthia McKinney's primary began with voters complaining that their votes for McKinney weren't being cast for her, but instead for her opponent.

Interesting, no complaints have been lodged that this is happening in reverse--that is, that the computers are registering McKinney votes intended for any one of her opponents.

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