Fired Federal Prosecutors and Election Fraud


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Fired Federal Prosecutors And Election Fraud

Sacked for Indicting Republicans
and Not Indicting Democrats?

Michael Collins
“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, DC

Top U.S. law enforcement official Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez engineered a Pearl Harbor Day for eight Republican appointed federal prosecutors. From one end of the country to the other, previously well regarded prosecutors were summarily fired (allowed to resign) on December 7, 2006. Chief of the Office of U.S. Attorneys, Michael Battle spread the news. In a rare case of the messenger shooting himself, Battle abruptly decided that he too would resign after the firings turned into a major scandal this month.

Hand-Count Paper Ballot Bill Introduced in Texas


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March 11, 2007

Texas Rep. Lon Burnam Submits Bill for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots in Texas

By Vickie Karp and Karen Renick

Who: Rep. Lon Burnam, District 90, Tarrant County (Fort Worth), Texas
What: Submission of HB 3894, The Texas Hand Counted Paper Ballot Bill of 2007
When: Friday, March 9, 2007
Where: State Capitol, Austin, Texas

With the acknowledgement and validation from computer experts, government reports and university studies nationwide that electronic voting systems, including optical scan counters, are vulnerable to easy hacking and manipulation without detection, the need for drastic change in our voting systems has become evident. Well-intentioned legislators at both the federal and state levels have presented the costly "solution" of adding printers to electronic voting machines for a "voter verifiable paper audit trail."

Trailer: The Right To Count


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Counting the Vote, Badly


Published: November 16, 2006
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Last week’s elections provided a lot of disturbing news about the reliability of electronic voting — starting, naturally, with Florida. In a Congressional race there between Vern Buchanan, a Republican, and Christine Jennings, a Democrat, the machines in Sarasota County reported that more than 18,000 people, or one in eight, did not choose either candidate. That “undervote” of nearly 13 percent is hard to believe, given that only about 2.5 percent of absentee voters did not vote in that race. If there was a glitch, it may have made all the difference. Ms. Jennings trails Mr. Buchanan by about 400 votes.

The serious questions about the Buchanan- Jennings race only add to the high level of mistrust that many people already feel about electronic voting. More than half of the states, including California, New York, Ohio and Illinois, now require that electronic voting machines produce voter-verified paper records, which help ensure that votes are properly recorded. But Congress has resisted all appeals to pass a law that would ensure that electronic voting is honest and accurate across the nation.

Fraud in Pajamas: "Sleepovers" Pose Massive Security Violations


Across the country, election officials send election equipment home with pollworkers to be depoyed to the polls on election day.

Lou Dobbs Unleashes on the Vendor - Testing Lab Relationship


Does the American government think Americans are the biggest fools in the world? Lou Dobbs thinks it must! Otherwise how does it expect to get away with a system where private so-called "independent testing labs" acting as the CLIENTS of the voting machine vendors, conduct all testing of the machines, are bought and paid for by the vendors and report back in secret ONLY to the "clients"! Lou really lets them have it, voicing the until now silent SCREAM of election activists who have been RAILING about this atrocity for years. He calls them "scurrilous" even. It's a great episode, only two or three years late, but who's counting when the trainwreck of 2006 is right around the corner?

How to Steal an Election by Hacking the Vote


By Jon "Hannibal" Stokes
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One bad apple...

What if I told you that it would take only one person—one highly motivated, but only moderately skilled bad apple, with either authorized or unauthorized access to the right company's internal computer network—to steal a statewide election? You might think I was crazy, or alarmist, or just talking about something that's only a remote, highly theoretical possibility. You also probably would think I was being really over-the-top if I told you that, without sweeping and very costly changes to the American electoral process, this scenario is almost certain to play out at some point in the future in some county or state in America, and that after it happens not only will we not have a clue as to what has taken place, but if we do get suspicious there will be no way to prove anything. You certainly wouldn't want to believe me, and I don't blame you.

Major Independent Exit Poll Projects to Coordinate


With increased consciousness of the dangers of electronic vote-counting technology, there is increasing grassroots pressure for independent election verification. In elections around the world, public-domain exit polls are central to such efforts. Unfortunately, US media consortium exit pollsters have announced that they will no longer release any data even to their media clients until they can "correct" their numbers so as to make them conform to the official count. In other words, what they report is no longer exit poll data at all, but rather a meaningless affirmation of official numbers.

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