Had Enough of "Faith-Based" Election Results Entrusted To A Corporate Machine?

Volunteer for the WE COUNT Corps to Restore Electorial Democracy

As long as computers count our votes, there is NO WAY to know that the outcomes the machines spit out are true and accurate unless we also hand-count the ballots.

Why not just hand-count the ballots to begin with!

SIGN UP to say you are willing to put in up to 4 hours on Election Night after the polls close.

All volunteers will be vetted (as citizens are for Jury Duty).
Training will be provided.
All counting will be done in teams of at least two people from opposing parties
Representatives from all the parties on the ballot will be allowed to observe each team.

Democracy must never be outsourced to private interests, nor elections conducted on a basis of blind faith. Our votes must be counted on Election Night at the polling sites in public view before ballots are removed from the public sight.

Election officials will tell us they cannot get enough people to hand-count ballots.

SIGN UP BELOW for the WE COUNT Corps and show election officials that there ARE enough willing citizens to count the votes by hand on Election Night. They cannot use a lack of people-power as an excuse. Let us restore transparency to elections in America.

Thank you for volunteering to uphold our democracy.

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If you would like to volunteer but don't have e-mail access, please phone in your contact information to
(617) 538-6012

Privacy Policy:

The information you provide on this form will be used only to organize counting or exit polling teams and will not be shared with any external parties without your express consent.

By participating in the "We Count" Corps, you agree that your contact information will be shared with other participating counters in your local district, and with the administrative staff of Election Defense Alliance (EDA) who handle the logistics.

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