Election Data Analysis

Description: Provides baseline US election data collection; rapid analytic methodology; exit polling; election fraud detection, real time and historical pattern analysis. The exit poll and official election data will be instantly rapidly analyzed by a national election database that will also be a sponsored project or partner organization of this national electoral integrity coalition. The election data project will develop data conversion tools and procedures to standardize election data collected from all electoral jurisdictions in the nation so that normative election data histories and baselines will be prepared in advance of elections.

The data project will develop methodologies for immediate comparative analysis of exit poll, election result, and historical voting data, capable of identifying, on Election Day, anomalous data patterns indicating the possible presence of voting fraud. Such instances will be flagged for immediate, intensive analysis. Candidates in affected races will be advised against early concessions, pending further investigation, and preparations for hand recounts will be commenced, drawing on recount funds and trained precinct volunteers.

Coordinator: Bruce O'Dell



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