Public Education Committee

Description: We will utilize all means of communication outreach available to inform and mobilize citizens across the country in effective action to reclaim verifiable electoral processes.

We will develop a national speakers' bureau to promote live appearances and radio interviews by Alliance spokespersons. We will write and distribute editorials and news articles in local, regional, and national print and web publications. We will also produce and distribute research papers, information graphics, and documentary videos via CD and DVD, and through broadcasting arrangements with public and private networks.

County-level organizations will present regularly-scheduled public educational events in public meeting spaces featuring speakers, documentary videos, and informational literature produced by local, state, and national media committees. Larger-scale events-- such as theatrical film showings, speaker engagements, and conferences--s will be presented as regional collaborations.

Finally, as permitted by our budget, we will launch a national advertising campaign to heighten awareness of this issue and thereby bring it into the mainstream.




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