Traceless GEMS Central Tabulator Hack Walkthrough (Jim March, 15 Mins.)

The link below provides a 15 minute long, complete walk-through of a Diebold central tabulator (GEMS) hack session, with voiceover commentary by Jim March.

Gems Hack Video

Below are some tips about viewing or projecting this video:

1) Being 800x600 you need to download it locally in the Google video system and then use the Google video player. But this is adviseable as it will then run without an Internet connection. File size is about 150megs. The initial screen will tell you to do "CTRL-ALT" to make it fullscreen - while this is a Windows Media Player command, it also works in the Google player.

2) For projector use, you will want to play it from a laptop that can drive 1024x786 resolution to an external projector also rated at that resolution. Some laptops have native 1280x800 video. Ensure that your projector can display a 1024x786 signal and then set the laptop to send that resolution signal. If you need help with these settings on your laptopme at .

3) The sound quality is good but "low."
Two options: Either bring along adapter plugs to turn a 1/8th inch "Walkman/Ipod type" stereo headphone port into a 1/4" mono headphone plug used in professional audio and PA systems allowing you to adapt your laptop's headphone port into a pro PA system,
bring along any decent set of powered computer speakers, turn up the volume and put a PA microphone straight up to the speaker.