Login Trouble?

1. Automated Password for One-Time Use
After you applied for an EDA website account, you should have received an automated e-mail from EDA containing a temporary PASSWORD.
You will need that password to log in to the site on your next visit.

2. Wait for Activation Notice
But, before you can use the temporary password, your account must be manually activated by a site administrator.
You will receive a welcome e-mail from EDA -- and when you do, you will know your account is active and you may use your temporary, one-time password to log on.

3. Create Your Permanent Password
IMPORTANT! You must create a permanent password
The first thing you should do when replying to your account activation notice, is set a permanent password of your choice.

Clicking the login link in your account activation e-mail notice, will log you in and take you to your personal EDA Web Account page.
(You will see your name displayed in the "Your EDA Web Account" login area in the leftside column, as indication that you are indeed logged in).

4. My Account Settings
On your account page, you will see a password entry form. Decide what you want your permanent password to be. Type that new password, type it a second time, and enter. Keep a record of your password.
If you lose or forget this password, you can again request a one-time temporary password as explained below.

While inside your account settings page, you can also make other custom adjustments to your account, such as e-mail contact preferences, and automatic notifications to inform you when new topics you are interested in are added to the website.

5. Forgot Your Password?

If you forget your password, or can't find the e-mail with your initial password, you can always obtain another.
In the leftside column, look for the "Login Trouble?" link in the "Your EDA Web Account" menu.

Click that link and a new password will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you applied for your website account.
As soon as you log in with your temporary password, reset to a permanent password of your choice as described in Step 4 above.

6. Assistance
If you still are not able to log in, please click here to send a message describing the problem you are encountering.
An EDA website administrator will respond.