The SAV R VOTE Riverside County Election Monitoring Report

Citizens in Riverside County formed a task force of 70 volunteers to monitor every aspect of the June primary election in Riverside, CA -- from preparation of the machines and voting registration lists and absentee ballot mailing weeks in advance of the election, through detailed point inspections of the counting, to monitoring of the 1% manual audit tally and reconciliation of all vote reports to produce the final canvass.

This is an eye-opening account of official obstructions to citizen participation and observation of our electoral process, as well as overt violations of state election laws, that are more outrageous, and more common in practice, than you would like to believe.

Highly recommended as a guide for citizens in any county in the U.S., about how to monitor an election, what to look for, and what you need to know about the laws upholding your right to know how our elections are being conducted.

To download the report, click on the link in the box labeled Attachment immediately below this post.

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