The Bowen CA Senate Hearings on Elections and Voting, 2005-06

Transcripts of each of the California Senate Election Committee hearings convened by Sen. Bowen  during 2005 and 2006 are online at this web address:
Each of the hearings is listed below with links to the transcripts so you can download them directly from this page.

If you weren't able to attend these hearings in person, now you can read what you missed. If you were there but couldn't believe your ears the first time, check out in print what the registrars, vendors, and Sec. of State officials actually said! Leading luminaries in computer security, the nation's most informed secretary of state candidate, and of course you, the passionate voting rights activists of California are all here in searchable HTML. There probably isn't a better collection of public discussions on the current status of American elections. Collect them all! (all links at above URL)

Joint Hearing of Senate Elections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendments Committee and Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee:

Proposition 77 (Redistricting)
September 26, 2005
Junipero State Building
320 West Fourth Street
Los Angeles, California

Instant Runoff and Ranked Choice Elections: Will They Lead to a Better Democracy?
October 25, 2005
Oakland, California

Federal Voting Rights Act
December 5, 2005
Junipero State Building
320 West Fourth Street
Los Angeles, California

Voting System Update: How Will California Voters Be Casting Their Ballots in 2006?
January 18, 2006
State Capitol
Sacramento, California

Informational Hearing on:
Open Source Software—
Does It Have A Place In California’s Electoral System?
February 8, 2006
State Capitol, Room 4202
Sacramento, California

Are California’s Voting Systems Accurate, Reliable and Secure? A Critical Look at the Federal Testing and Certification Process
Menlo Park City Council Chambers
February 16, 2006

Informational Hearing:
O Voter, Where Art Thou?—The Move Away From Election Day Balloting
State Capitol, Room 4203
February 18, 2005