National Election Day Vote Vigil Poster

Take ID to the Polls Just to Be Sure
Read why. . .

Got Democracy? Prove It or Lose It

Download the poster at the bottom of this post, under the heading "ATTACHMENT."

Customize it with local event announcements in the "How to Connect" text area.

We suggest gathering at county election centers tonight as soon as polls close and vigil as the votes come in.

Other Election Defense Actions:

Everyone can participate in Precinct Tally Capture and collecting county tabulator results.

Go to for instructions and data forms to collect live vote data today and tonight and upload it to the

Election Defense Alliance Election Data Analysis Project

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Our work will not end on midnight, November 7. We will need to publicize findings of our Data Analysis Project, and mobilize public response to suspect and unverifiable election returns.
We may need to take legal action to contest fraud and malfeasance in the conduct of the elections. All of this will require available contingency funds.

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