Election Defense Alliance seeks to restore electoral integrity as the foundation of American democracy, by alerting the citizenry to the illusions and dangers of privatized, computerized, fraud-prone voting machines, and working to replace this illegitimate system of secret vote-counting with hand-counted paper ballot elections, conducted by citizens in the precincts in public view, so that the vote-counting process is transparent, secure, verifiable, and fully accountable to the voters.

We are devising strategies and tactics and building the infrastructure necessary for a mass citizen movement to bring about this change, starting from the local precincts and building upward, monitoring and defending against overt and covert electoral fraud and manipulation, while reviving traditions of citizen-conducted, precinct-based, hand-counted paper ballot voting methods, so that ultimately electoral integrity may be achieved by restoring these principles and methods in state and federal law to ensure electoral integrity and the legitimacy of government.