Quick Overview of Hand-count/Machine-count Discrepancies

Original source: Notes from Underground blog, Mark Crispin Miller

Where Paper Prevailed, Different Results By Lori Price 09 Jan 2008

2008 New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results
http://ronrox.com/paulstats.php?party=DEMOCRATS --Total Democratic

Votes: 286,139 - Machine vs Hand (RonRox.com) 09 Jan 2008
Hillary Clinton, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 39.618%
Clinton, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 34.908%

Barack Obama, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 36.309%
Obama, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 38.617%

Machine vs Hand:
Clinton: 4.709%* (13,475 votes)
Obama: *-2.308%* (-6,604 votes)


2008 New Hampshire Republican Primary Results
http://ronrox.com/paulstats.php?party=REPUBLICANS --Total

Republican Votes: 236,378 Machine vs Hand (RonRox.com) 09 Jan 2008

Mitt Romney, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 33.075%
Romney, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 25.483%

Ron Paul, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 7.109%
Paul, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 9.221%

Machine vs Hand:
Romney: 7.592% (17,946 votes)
Paul: -2.112% (-4,991 votes)

NH: "First in the nation" (with corporate controlled secret vote counting)
By Nancy Tobi 07 Jan 2008


81% of New Hampshire ballots are counted in secret by a private corporation named Diebold Election Systems (now known as "Premier").

The elections run on these machines are programmed by one company, LHS Associates, based in Methuen, MA.

We know nothing about the people programming these machines, and we know even less about LHS Associates.

We know even less about the secret vote counting software used to tabulate 81% of our ballots.

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