2008 Election Theft Investigations

Those who stole their way into power in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 have no intention of being voted out of power in 2008-- or ever.

They have election theft and public deception down to an art of propaganda and a science of suppression and election count rigging.

Here in brief is the plan to steal Election 2008:

Stack the US Justice Department with partisan ideologues, then abuse official prosecutory powers to suppress opposition voters and candidates.

Exploit centralized state voter registration databases mandated by HAVA to covertly, illegally, deliberately knock millions of voters off the voter rolls

Promote the myth of a "voter fraud" epidemic as justification for enacting state "Voter ID" legislation and other variations on Jim Crow poll taxes to further suppress the vote. (This also serves to divert attention from the real ongoing campaign to commit mass election fraud).

Rig voting machines to manipulate the selection of candidates in the presidential primaries

Manipulate tracking polls to create false impression that the presidential contest is a dead heat

Control the computerized voting machines to deliver a razor thin margin consistent with the prepared cover myth of a close contest.

Conceal the real exit poll numbers and secretly "adjust" them to match the rigged votes.

Control the corporate newsmedia to present false cover stories explaining the contrived election results, while blacking out evidence of the theft.