Meet R. H. Phillips, Cleveland Hts. OH

2008/06/12 - 16:00

Book Tour and Discussion:

Witness to a Crime—A Citizen’s Audit of an American Election

Author: Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips

Where: Victoria Lovegren’s home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

When: 7:00 pm, Thursday, June 12th

For directions, and to RSVP, contact Victoria at: or 216-246-4179

What do you say when your out-of-state friends ask, “What happened in Ohio in the 2004 election?” or “How did Ohio pull it off?”

No one knows more about this subject than Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, the leading investigator of Ohio’s 2004 election.

Dr. Phillips has recently published a book: Witness to a Crime—A Citizen’s Audit of an American Election and will be in Cleveland next week on his book tour.

Here’s what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has to say about Dr. Phillip’s book:

"Richard Hayes Phillips worked day and night for three years compiling irrefutable evidence of how the Republicans stole the 2004 presidential race in Ohio.

This landmark investigation is a testament to what private citizens can accomplish when government officials fail to protect our right to vote and to count those votes as cast. Every American -- Republican and Democrat -- should read this book, and join the fight for democracy's most fundamental right."

Please join Dr. Phillips and others at an informal gathering and discussion at my home in Cleveland Heights next Thursday, June 12th at 7pm.

When you RSVP, I’ll give you directions to my home.
(For those who think I still live on Bellfield, be advised that we have moved once again!)

Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D.
Founder, Ohio Vigilance
Organizer, We Count 2006 – A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy