Marj Creech, Secretary

Marj grew up in the racist, classist South in the 50s and 60s and was witness to the division of society during the Civil Rights era. A creative, stubborn, iconoclastic streak led Marj to try adventurous things.

After earning a degree in philosophy, she joined the Women’s Army Corps which assigned her to Walter Reed Hospital. There she saw many injured soldiers and became friends with the oppressed from all backgrounds who joined the Army to escape poverty.

After the war she became active in the feminist and gay rights movements while entering the Christian ministry.

After fighting for justice over the years, the 2004 election awoke Marj to the utter dysfunction of our democracy, despite the pall of normalcy cast by society and the media. She realized that the only way to bring justice is to create a movement, as powerful as the Civil Rights movement, to repair and restore our electoral system – otherwise virtually no other progress can be made.

Her tasks in the movement are to help active people to respond to this crisis. Since the US has so much influence in the world, Marj understands that the struggle for election integrity is crucial to the struggle for the dignity and worth of all peoples of the world.

Marj is an organizer, encourager, bringer of humor and lifter of spirits in local Ohio groups (J30 and CASE Ohio, and also a Licking County activist group –LICOPAC).

She has participated in and helped organize parallel elections, records investigations, conferences and educational forums, parade floats, rallies, parties, coffee house events, and has generated numerous educational flyers to hand out at other people’s events, performs as The Honest Elections Cow, and co-hosts a website called OH-WAVE.