Lawsuit Exposing Vote-Rigging in Pima County

URGENT: Action Alert

Help Pima County Democratic Party Attorney Bill Risner
Make the Case for Election Integrity

Attend Hearing 9AM Tuesday June 12th
Pima County Superior Court 110 West Congress, 6th Floor

The Pima County Democratic party lawsuit vs the Board of Supervisors is about the broader issue of Election Integrity not to change the outcome of a single election.

o The County in its latest filing continues to claim rights to secrecy and charge that our technical representatives, Jim March and Mickey Duniho are NOT experts.

* The County is asserting that election insiders, despite evidence of misconduct not yet explained, are the experts who have rights not to be challenged by any outsiders.

* The County filed for a stay to stall the lawsuit citing that the evidence of county election department employee misconduct had been turned over to the Attorney General's Office for investigation.

* The lawsuit would be on hold indefinitely until that investigation was complete even though election problems need a remedy before any more elections are conducted.

* Fifty people attended the last hearing on short notice. We must pack the courtroom June 12 to support Bill Risner. This case was featured last Friday on Arizona Illustrated

* During Last weekend's interviews with John C Scott on 1330 AM and Emil Franzi on KVOI 690 AM Bill Risner and Party Vice-Chair Jeff Rogers convincingly educated the general public about why every citizen should understand that it is vigilance and public oversight of all political parties during every election is what makes our votes matter in Arizona.

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