Four Events April 4-5 Mark Introduction of Texas HCPB Bill

Media Advisory
April 2, 2007

Abbe Waldman DeLozier

Vickie Karp

Technology Security Expert Concurs, Electronic Voting "Unsafe for Voters"



Wednesday, April 4th, 2pm CST
Austin Capitol, Rm. E2.028
Texas House Committee on Elections hearing: Bruce O'Dell, an award-winning software
designer specializing in software security for American Express, General Motors, and other Fortune 100 companies, will deliver a 20-minute presentation to the Committee on why electronic voting is neither secure nor reliable and should be banned for use in Texas.

Thursday, April 5th, 11:15 am CST: Press Conference
Austin Capitol, Rm E2.002
Legislative Conference Room

Rep. Lon Burnam, Texas House District 90, will make the announcement of new HB 3894, mandating paper ballots, hand-counted in public view with citizen oversight, with totals posted at
the precinct level.

David Rogers, assistant general counsel of the Texas Legal Foundation and former campaign manager for Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice Candidate Steve Smith, will make a statement about his experience in the Texas 2006 primary regarding e-voting disaster and huge cost of recounts that do not even reflect voter intent. Rogers is a longtime conservative Republican activist.

Bruce O'Dell, (mentioned above), will give a statement about why electronic voting is unsafe and can not technically be made "easier, faster, nor secure…"

Sputnik, Founder and State Chairman of the Texas Motorcycle Bikers' Association, member of the National Legislation Task Force and a member of the Texas Chapter of the Lawmakers Club. Sputnik will speak in support of HB 3894.

Vickie Karp, PR Director of Vote Rescue, and board member of Black Box Voting, will address why "voter verifiable paper audit trails" won't solve e-voting fraud, and introduce VoteRescue's "Cost Analysis of E-Voting Elections vs. Hand-Counted Paper Ballots."

Joni Ashbrook of VoteRescue will present a short summary of the astronomical costs of electronically held elections as reported through interviews with Texas county election officials.

Karen Renick, Founder and Director of VoteRescue, an Austin election integrity group supporting HB 3894, will introduce the "Vote-PAD", the non-electronic voting system which allows the disabled to vote without assistance, fulfilling the mandate of the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

Thursday, April 5th, Noon CST – 1:30 pm
Austin Capitol, Rm. E2.00
Legislative Conference Room

A video presentation of a hacking of real Diebold electronic voting equipment (a vendor used in Texas), and a presentation by Bruce O'Dell on the acute security issues with electronic voting in Texas. Lunch, plus three repeat presentations: Noon – 12:30 pm; 12:30 pm – 1pm; and 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm. All Texas Representatives, Senators, and their Legislative Staff have been personally invited. The media is welcome to attend.

Thursday, April 5th, 7-10 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church
4700 Grover
Austin, Texas

Showing of the startling and revealing HBO documentary, "Hacking Democracy", featuring the electronic vote fraud research of Bev Harris of Black Box Voting and ending with the hacking of real Diebold electronic Optical Scan voting equipment in a sanctioned setting in Leon County, Florida under direct supervision of the Superviser of Elections, Ion Sancho on certified election equipment; and presentation and follow up explanation by Bruce O'Dell. Media welcome.