Thank you for volunteering your time to help conduct what will be the first-ever nationwide Citizens' Election Verification Poll (Citizen Exit Polling). This is an essential component of Election Protection in 2008.

The Election Verification Poll will require your services to hand questionnaires to voters exiting their polling places on Election Day 2008 (Tuesday, November 4), ask the voters to fill them in, and deposit them in a locked box. A brief training session will be provided.

Overall, we expect to engage over 5000 volunteers in EVP. The data you obtain will be processed and analyzed in real time and will be of critical importance in assessing the validity of the announced election outcomes throughout the nation.

We cannot overemphasize how important the Election Verification Poll and your efforts will be.

Your contact information will be confidential. You may expect to be contacted by EVP coordinators in October, at which time assignments to specific locations will be provided.

We thank you for your service to democracy.

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