California's CD 50 Election: Why This Race is a Stark Warning to the Nation

The election on June 6, 2006 to fill San Diego’s 50th Congressional District seat is extremely important to the entire nation and to our democracy. It is an ominous warning of chaos ahead because it highlights almost every unsolved dysfunction that plagues our broken election system today, namely:

* Suspicious, compromising activities involving electronic equipment that blatantly violate both Federal and State election standards,

* The counting of ballots without public oversight by unverified “trade secret” software,

* Serious unanswered questions about the “chain of custody” of equipment and ballots, receipts, tally cards, etc. both before and following the election,

* Unquestioning acceptance of declared results without any official analysis of the serious security breaches or their possible effects,

* Politicians, pundits and the general public taking the reported results and trying to “explain” them in political terms as if the results themselves are already proven accurate,

* Everyone’s rush to move on and leave the election behind,

* Total lack of investigation into how, how much and why the election protocols had been so compromised, leaving the burden of costly investigations or contests to candidates and voters,

* The alleged “loser” conceding before all votes are counted, and the alleged “victor” being sworn-in in a mock ceremony before the election is even certified,

* The absence of mainstream media coverage of all these issues,

* Citizens having NO basis for confidence in the reported results,

* Marginalizing patriotic citizens who demand election integrity and proof as “a few conspiracy theorists”

We face an electoral crisis in this country. The CD 50 election is a textbook case of the chronic problems, long in evidence, that have degraded our elections and put our very democracy at serious risk. We must stand up now for fair elections. Please join us.
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