TX Legislature Hears Expert Testimony Against E-Voting

2008/06/25 - 10:30

TODAY June 25th, 2008, the House Committee on Elections of the Texas Legislature holds an Interim Hearing on electronic voting.

Election Defense Alliance is a partner in this project of Vote Rescue (Austin, TX), and the coalition "Texans for Real Elections," to bring election integrity experts to present testimony to the Texas Legislature.

For full text of Press Release see http://www.electiondefensealliance.org/TX_legislature_testimony_against_...


National Experts to Give Evidence of Hacking Electronic Voting Machines
at Austin, TX Capitol Hearing, Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

VoteRescue and its Coalition Bring in Compelling Witnesses And Host Two Related Events

Who: VoteRescue and its Coalition, Texans for REAL Elections, bringing in experts to testify

What: National experts and former election officials debunk the myth of electronic voting security and accessibility for the disabled, and will present documented testimony before the House Committee on Elections’ Interim Hearing

When: Wednesday, June 25th, 9 a.m. PLUS two other events that day – media invited

Where: Austin, Texas, Capitol Building, 11th & Congress, Rm. E2.028

Witnesses will include:

Bruce Funk: Emery County Utah election official who in 2006 invited in the Black Box Voting “hacking team” to examine his Diebold touch screen machines with printers added. They discovered “the worst security holes ever found” in electronic voting systems.

Clint Curtis: Programmer from Florida who designed “vote-flipping” software while employed at Yang Enterprises in 2000; became a whistleblower who gave a deposition about this in court. (Clint was invited by the State to testify)

Jim March: Technology expert, Black Box Voting Board member, co-plaintiff in the 2004 California lawsuit against Diebold for running uncertified software in their machines, which Diebold lost. Jim will discuss the ineffectiveness of the federal certification process of electronic voting systems.

Noel Runyan: Expert on evaluation of accessibility of electronic voting systems for the disabled. Wrote the 2007 report for the University of California stating that NONE of the e-voting systems currently in use fulfill the HAVA mandate for the disabled.

For full text of Press Release see http://www.electiondefensealliance.org/TX_legislature_testimony_against_...