Commander n' Thief

Explosive New Documentary Tells Story of Stolen 2004 Election

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The sordid details of the stolen 2004 presidential election have come to the screen. Commander 'n Thief, a feature documentary by independent filmmaker Tom O'Brien, reveals how the Republican National Committee, Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and the Bush/Cheney campaign rigged the 2004 election in Ohio and other states across the nation to install the illegitimate regime of George W. Bush.
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Subjects interviewed in this film include Richard Hayes Phillips, Bob Fitrakis, Clifford Arnebeck, Steven Freeman, John Bonifaz, David Cobb, Congressman John Conyers Jr, Matthew M. Damschroder, John Fortuin, Joseph Geller, Alma Gonzalez, Bev Harris, Senator George S. McGovern, Greg Palast, and many more.

Commander n' Thief peels back the national media blackout curtain on: * The purging of voting registrations for African American soldiers sent to Iraq and Afghanistan * Double-punching to spoil ballots in heavily Democratic, urban counties of Ohio * Moving ballots between precincts in rural Ohio counties to switch Kerry votes to Bush * Rigging electronic voting tabulators across the nation to shift as many as ten million votes Joan Brunwasser, Election Reform Editor for OpEd News, commends Commander n' Thief as “. . . a must-see documentary”

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