Texans Monitor Elections with Citizen Exit Polls

For Immediate Release March 7, 2008
Attn: Political Assignments Desk

Contact: Vickie Karp, 512/775-3737
Karen Renick, 512/496-7408

Citizen Exit Polls a Huge Success in Texas!
Voters Willing to Sign Name to Questionnaire to Monitor the Election !

March 7, 2008, Austin, Texas

Austin-based election integrity group VoteRescue executed a highly successful Citizen Exit Poll in Travis and Williamson Counties on Tuesday in order to monitor the "official" results tallied by secret vote counting on electronic voting machines, both the screen-types and the ballot scanners.

The project was executed along with VoteRescue's coalition, Texans for REAL Elections, and in coordination with a national effort called "Project Vote Count" which originated in Florida by activist Mark Adams. Florida had high participation in the Exit Poll project during their January 29th primary; Ohio also participated in the Exit Poll effort on March 4th, the same Primary day as Texas.

Austin area Exit Pollers secured 1566 Exit Poll Questionnaires in five precincts: Three in Travis County, and two in nearby Williamson County. The respondent rate was very high, ranging from 21.3% up to 58%. Respondents were willing to sign the questionnaires, which were formatted to be used as affidavits if broad discrepencies were found between Exit Poll results and official county results.

The fact that voters were willing to forego their secret ballot in order to make sure their votes were accurately counted was a statement to VoteRescue and the Coalition that people share their legitimate concerns and doubts about the secret vote counting that occurs when they vote on a screen-type of voting machine such as the Hart InterCivic E-Slate, or even when they vote on a paper ballot,
but that ballot is counted by the computerized optical scan counting device such as the ES&S type used in Williamson County, Texas.

Both types of voting equipment have been decertified in three states during the last few months due to expert studies showing the ease with which they can be hacked and vote totals manipulated without detection: California, Ohio, and Colorado.

While our Citizen Exit Poll results cannot be released immediately, it can be reported that some discrepencies were found in the numbers of two of the five precincts polled. The group is analyzing the data to determine if such discrepencies are signicant enough to challenge
the official results.

VoteRescue and its coalition have been working for years to eliminate all electronic voting systems both statewide in Texas, and nationally.

The group supports a return to hand-counted paper ballot elections, with enhanced security procedures, and citizens monitoring the election and counting the votes in public view, then posting totals at the precinct level. The current system of corporate-controlled secret vote counting
in Texas does not even meet UN standards for election integrity in third world nations.

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