Three E-Voting Whistleblowers Interviewed Together, May 2


Three E-Voting Whistleblowers Interviewed Together for the First Time Anywhere

Stephen Heller, Bruce Funk and Guest Host Ion Sancho on Voice of the Voters!

1360 AM, Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio, and the Internet

Wednesday, May 2, 8 - 9 PM Eastern Time

Doylestown, PA:
Tune in to Voice of the Voters this Wednesday, May 2 at 8:00 pm Eastern to listen to an hour devoted to three American heroes - whistleblowers, who, based on their experiences on the ground, will paint a comprehensive picture of electronic voting in America, the deceptive practices of corporations, the often misguided relationships between election officials and electronic voting machine vendors, the various system inadequacies and how the voice of the citizen is left out of the elections process.

Steve Heller became known as the "Diebold Whistleblower" when in January 2004, he stole and exposed legal documents providing smoking gun evidence about Diebold Election Systems' nefarious activities in the State of California. Partly as a result of Heller's actions, in April 2004, former California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley de-certified Diebold in California for what he called their "fraudulent," "despicable," and "deceitful behavior."

From Utah, Bruce Funk, who with Harry Hursti, was able to prove the insecurity of Diebold machines and the fact that votes could be made to disappear without evidence. He is the Emery County Clerk, who, under pressure, resigned his position rather than preside over elections that used Diebold machinery.

This week's special guest host, Ion Sancho is the Supervisor of Elections in Leon County, Florida, and the first elected official in the country to call for and carry out independent testing of electronic voting machines in his county. He is a legend in voting rights circles. In December of 2005, Mr. Sancho stepped onto the national stage when he became the first elected official in the country to call for and carry out independent testing of his county's electronic voting machines. From

Due to contractual non-performance and security design issues, Leon County (Florida) supervisor of elections Ion Sancho has announced that he will never again use Diebold in an election. He has requested funds to replace the Diebold system from the county. On Tuesday, the most serious "hack" demonstration to date took place in Leon County. The Diebold machines succumbed quickly to alteration of the votes.

Stephen Heller, Bruce Funk and Ion Sancho each have direct personal experience with Diebold and the scars to prove it. This week's Voice of the Voters will raise serious questions about our current elections process and those who are controlling it.

The bottom line for America: present day electronic voting machines (and supporting systems) are so fatally flawed that they cannot be secured. Find out why from three people who know and who want America to know all about it this week on Voice of the Voters. We must:

* STOP using the election process as part of the political game

* STOP having the election system of this Country determined by private parties needs for profits and political parties needs for control/victories versus citizens rights and needs for open independently verifiable, fair and elections which can be proven to original intent of the voter

* STOP vendors from financing election and government associations and meetings

* STOP and face vital truth: DREs (touchscreens) cannot provide openness and fairness

* ASK WHY are we continuing to use touchscreen-voting systems, which do not allow an independent, fully observable process? The uses of touchscreen voting runs counter to right of people to know what is really happening!

* STOP secrecy and private decisions; check "power" of political appointees to determine the direction of our election support system and make decisions with little or no oversight

As always, John Gideon, Executive Director of Voters Unite will give Voice of the Voters listeners a round-up of all the week's voting news.


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WHO: Ion Sancho, Bruce Funk and Stephen Heller

WHAT: Voice of the Voters, radio program

WHEN: Wednesday, May 2, 8PM

WHERE:1360 AM and on the Internet


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