Guest List For Requested Meeting

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
Paddy Shaffer, Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
Founder and Director, Artists Creating Justice

Guest List to Date (Updated September 17, 2007)


• Patricia Axelrod, Nevada Elections Activist, Director of the Desert Storm Think Tank and Veterans' Advocate, weapons system analyst and military scientist for peace

• Karla Van Bibber, Observer for the Five Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, witness to election crimes, investigator of election crimes.

• Blair Bobier Esq., Green Party Recount Media Director

• Tim Carpenter, Founder and National Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA

• Clint Curtis, Florida Candidate US House of Representatives – Florida, Whistleblower

• Adele Eisner, Cuyahoga County Elections Activist,

• Gary Flowers, Black Leadership Forum

• Brad Friedman, Investigative journalist

• Bev Harris, Investigator, author, BLACK BOX VOTING,

• Paul Harmon Esq., Licking County, 2004 Ohio Judge candidate.

• Pate Hutson, retired military

• Dr. Peter Jones, 2004 Recount Observer - Green County, and citizen journalist

• Ken Karan Esq., Co-Founder Psephos

• Tim Kettler, 2006 Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, witness to rigged Coshocton County 2004 recount, Secretary for Ohio Green Party,
2008 candidate for Ohio Senate, 20th District

• Paul Lehto Esq., Election Law Attorney, Co-Founder Psephos

• Sheri Myers, Elections Activist, Co-organizer of the Winter Freedom Bus Ride, Author of CHEATED!, a graphic novel,

• Victoria Parks, Election Investigator, Musician,, , Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

• Richard Hayes Phillips PhD, Ohio Election Fraud Investigator, Author, Musician, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005
• Joan Quinn, California Superior Courts Staff Attorney for 22 years, specializing in criminal law. Now retired. Witness to a great deal of election fraud in Green County. Former SOS Blackwell “locked down” election records (which are made public by statue) as a result of Joan and Eve Roberson and their request to Carol Garman for public election records. Joan and Eve were witness to the door to the building being unlocked all night at the BOE – before the recount. All the ballots were in there, there is video of this. Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

• Paddy Shaffer, Artist, Ohio Elections Investigator, Founder of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign and Artists Creating Justice, Director of Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, Fitrakis for Ohio Governor Campaign Manager, former candidate US House of Representatives Ohio 12th District, Writer and Photographer Free Press,
Green Party 2004 Recount County Coordinator for Delaware County, CASE Ohio, J30,
Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005


• Lynn Landes, Landes Report,

• Jon Craig, Cincinnati Enquirer

• Evan Davis, Pacifica Radio and co-producer of Pacifica's 2006 10-part series on elections, "Informed Dissent".
Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

• Michael Collins, Scoop Independent News,
"Scoop" & EFN , &

• Justin Jeffre, Publisher and Writer Cincinnati Beacon

Documentary Filmmakers and Photographers:

• Richard Ray Perez, Producer “Why Ohio Counts”

• Mary Beth Brangen & Jim Heddle, Producers, "Help America Vote on Paper", "Got Democracy", "A Little Light'll Do Ya, Defending Democracy in America", "Vote Rigging 101"

• Matt Kraus, Producer, “How Ohio Pulled It Off

• Jeff Kirkby, Voices of Cleveland and Beyond Video Productions LLC,

• Stephen Caruso, Free Press


• Mark Crispin Miller,

• Brad Friedman, bradblog

Invited, Not Confirmed:

• Ian Urbana, New York Times

Special Guests:

• Jennifer Alexander, Poll worker and supporter of election reform

• Rady Ananda, Ohio Elections Activist, Legal Investigator

• Lorraine E. Bieber, League of Young Voters,, Progress Ohio.

• Teresa Blakely,

• Ellen H. Brodsky, Founder of the Broward Election Reform Coalition, a member of the Palm Beach Coalition for Election Reform and the Florida Voters Coalition. Ellen is a longtime Voting Integrity leader in South Florida, best known for election monitoring, the creation of citizen audits known as the Parallel Election Projects and speaking truth to power. Ellen is fighting for citizen control of our elections and advocates for Citizen Advisory Boards on Elections and Citizen Oversight Committees. She is the moderator of the popular ElectionReform@Yahoogroups newsgroup.

Ellen H. Brodsky, Broward Election Reform Coalition, Palm Beach Coalition for
Election Reform, Florida Voters Coalition,, 954-973-2819

• Mark Brown, Founder Congressional Policy Forum, Ohio Election Activist, former candidate US House of Representatives

• Bill Buckel, former candidate for US House of Representatives, Elections Activist

• Stephen Caruso, Independent producer for ACTV, Volunteer for Free Press, Associates Degree in Computer Science, Certified Electronics technician

• Marj Creech, Ohio Elections Investigator, Minister,, J30, and CASE-OH

• Johannah Hupp-Clark, Guernsey County 2004 Recount Observer, Coshocton County 2004 Recount Observer

• Peace General Bruce Duncanson, Ohio Elections Activist, Peace Army General since 1983, Hand Counted Paper Ballots at the Precinct Supporter, 2006 Election Observer,

• Sherole Eaton, Former Deputy Director of the Hocking County Board of Elections, Whistleblower

• Phil Fry, CASE Ohio

• Mary Ann Gould,

• John Gideon, Co-Director and Information Manager for VotersUnite!

• Connie Harris, Ohio Election Activist

• Christa Hupp, Muskingum County 2004 Recount Observer, Coshocton County 2004 Recount Observer

• Jo Anne Karesek, Ohio Election Activist, CASE Ohio

• Gloria Kilgore, Voter Rights and Community Activist, Director of Help Ohioans Vote: One Stop ID Service Initiative

• Marian Lupo J.D., Ph.D., Ohio Election Protection Coalition

• Pat Marida, Sierra Club

• Andrew Miller, Ohio Election Activist

• Jason Parry, Ohio Election Activist and Investigator

• Anita Rios, Ohio Green Party, former Lt. Governor candidate

• Len Samuelson,

• Jane Schiff, Ohio Election Activist

• Jamia Shephard, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

• Danny Stanton, Ohio Elections Activist, CASE Ohio

• Nudge Squidfish, Musician and poll worker

• Leatrice Tolls, Ohio Elections Activist, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005, Green Party recount coordinator for Portage County, Greater Cleveland Voter Coalition, 2004 Election Irregularities Hearing convener, E Cleve, and co-organizer of Ohio Election Teach In and Cuyahoga County Democratic Challenger

• Andy Valeri, USTV Media,

• Holly Church Wendell, Poll worker, grandmother, gardener and Inniswood Botanical Garden volunteer, peace activist with Central Ohioans for Peace, social justice advocate/lobbyist and a wanna be potter.

Organizations in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

• Black Leadership Forum
• Election Defense Alliance
• Ohio Green Party
• PDA, Progressive Democrats of America
• The Coalition for Visible Ballots

Individuals in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

Ray Beckerman Esq., New York City Attorney, Ray was a voter protection hotline volunteer in Ohio in 2004, and learned firsthand about the massive disenfranchisement which occurred here. Since then, he's been working, through his blog, "Ohio Election Fraud (formerly "Fairness")", to let the world know what happened in Ohio in 2004, and to see to it that those responsible are brought to justice."
David Earnhardt, Producer, director & writer, UNCOUNTED -
James H. Fetzer,
Mimi Kennedy, Chairwoman - Progressive Democrats of America
Michael Jay
Penny Little, Film maker
Andi Novick
Nancy Tobi

Meeting Location / Date:

• First Unitarian Church, 93 W. Weisheimer Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43214
• Date TBA