Foreclosures And Bankruptcies Are About To Savage The Voter Registration Bases

Foreclosures and Bankruptcies Are About to Savage the Voter Registration Data Bases
WATCH OUT! More Provisional Voting

By Jane Schiff, Ohio Election Justice Campaign
February 3, 2008

This is urgent re: VOTER REGISTRATION, Provisional Voting, Absentee Voting and Regular Voting and EMERGENCIES faced by people who have had their dwellings foreclosed on, or have had to file bankruptcies and or have been rendered homeless.

Due to the rate of foreclosures and bankruptcy filings across Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio as well as the rest of the nation I believe Ohio's March 4, 2008 Presidential Primary and other states' Primaries are at stake. Notwithstanding the ambiguous language in the former "best of times" about instructing poll workers and officials about the who, when, where and why of CASTING PROVISIONAL BALLOTS, we now are facing imminent potentially mortal blows to the Voter Registration Process and the potential for the powers that be to permanently terminate our rights as fought for, by We The People.

A media release dated January 7, 2008 was issued by Julie Ehrhart, a Public Information Officer from The Ohio Department of Public Safety announced that there is a server problem here and in every state.

"The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators acts as a portal through which all states must access federal databases in order to verify information before being allowed to issue any driver license or state ID card." Julie Ehrhart, the above Public Information Officer from The Ohio Department of Public Safety said "there is not estimated time as to when the server will be completely functional." She is " urging all driver license and state ID card applicants to call their local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Deputy Registrar Agency before driving to the location since it is possible that the transaction may not be able to be processed."

My husband encountered an outage in September of 2006 when he went to the Downtown Cincinnati Branch of the Ohio BMV to get another driver's license with an updated address due to our having to move. He was told to leave because "the system was down."

Evidently, these longstanding problems have remained longstanding problems but now have the potential to further erode our rights to CAST PROVISIONAL VOTES, ABSENTEE VOTES AND REGULAR VOTES IN OUR PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES FOR 2008.

What kind of emotional and physical resources do these American families have while they are undergoing foreclosures, bankruptcies, and trying to obtain new living arrangements while having to go to work at the same time?