Election Integrity Radio News Broadcast by Public News Service and EDA

The following links lead to radio news stories distributed to community radio stations by Public News Service, a public interest news service supported by nonprofit public advocacy organizations.
Election Defense Alliance is a supporting member organization of PNS and its California bureau, California News Service (CANS). In addition to EDA's financial contribution (made possible by EDA's dedicated individual donors) EDA works directly with Public News Service producers to provide story leads, source referrals, and background information to bring these election integrity subjects to the attention of a wider public.
Many of the 3100+ community radio stations participating in the national PNS network are located in rural regions of the country dominated by conservative corporate newsmedia, where election integrity news is rarely heard (if at all) except through alternative, popularly-supported citizen media. Election Defense Alliance is proud to be a supporting partner of Public News Service, and the first (and only) PNS member organization contributing news content on the subject of election integrity.

Public News Service, California Bureau
Election integrity radio news stories produced and broadcast with the assistance of Election Defense Alliance
Click the links below for radio recordings and transcripts for each of the stories.

E-Voting May Be Put To A Vote In California  Download Audio
Public News Service - CA April 27, 2009

Tom Courbat, Riverside, E-voting, chain of custody, SaveRVote, referendum, EDA, DRE, electronic voting
Tags: Tom Courbat, E-voting Referendum, Riverside, EDA, SaveRVote,
E-Voting Manufacturer Admits Voting System Flaws   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA March 27, 2009 

CA investigation into voting machines losing votes, audit log erasure, nondisclosed violations of election code by Premier E-voting vendor, citizen monitoring find errors the state canvass missed
Tags: Premier Election Systems, Deck Zero, election audit, Humboldt Election Transparency, ballot scanning

High CA Voter Turnout Leads To Some Problems At Polls  Download Audio
Public News Service - CA November 5, 2008
Election ‘08: Rules, Regulations And Videotape   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA November 3, 2008
CA County Launches Election Probe Of Registrar Of Voters Office   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA October 8, 2008
Democracy Begins With Checking Your Voter Registration   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA September 9, 2008
California Voters Say Give Third Parties a Second Chance   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA September 4, 2008
Presidential Election Audit Finds Every Vote Doesn’t Count   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA July 23, 2008

Richard Hayes Phillips CA book tour, Witness to a Crime, detailing his ballot examination evidence proving the theft of the presidential election in Ohio 2004
Tags: EDA, R.H. Phillips, Ohio 2004, election theft, election audit, stolen election, Witness to a Crime

CA Electronic Voting Machines and Election Code Put to the Test   Download Audio
Public News Service - CA July 16, 2008

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