Flip Out for Election Integrity

Action of the Day 9.19.09

Flip Out for Election Integrity

Turn 100 Lincolns into 10 Flip Ultra Videocams

to Help EDA   Defend the Vote

Flip Ultra

Start Date: September 19
End Date: October 3

Note: We made our initial goal of $500 thanks in largest part
to a long-time EDA supporter whose donation will enable us
to deploy 10 of these videocams to election monitoring teams.
If this idea appeals to you, you can help us buy more cams
with an earmarked donation on the EDA Donate page.

Here's a fun way to triple the reach of your Defend the Vote donation, by leveraging the Flip Video Spotlight offer.

Facebook Cause: http://k5cyz.tk

Tweeters go here:  http://twitter.com/Dan_EDA

For every $50 donated to this Defend-the-Vote fundraising drive, EDA will be able to deploy a discrete, high-quality handheld videocam to volunteer election monitors in the field, building on the "Video the Vote" movement that has proved so effective in awakening Americans to the crisis in our electoral system.

How this works:

As a participating partner in the Flip Video Spotlight program, EDA has the privilege of purchasing Flip Video Ultra 4GB 120-minute camcorders at a price of $50 -- a $100 savings over retail.

Your donation goes three times as far.

By reaching this $500 goal in 2 weeks, EDA can distribute 10 Flip Ultra videocams to EDA election monitoring partners such as
Save R Vote (Riverside Co. CA) and Arizona Transparency Project (Pima and Maricopa counties).

We can reach this goal in any of these ways:

50 gifts of $10 (the Causes minimum donation)
33 gifts of $15
25 gifts of $20
20 gifts of $25
10 gifts of $50
5 gifts of $100

Here's the Free Option:

Everyone can give a boost to this drive by forwarding and recommending this Flip for Election Integrity fundraising drive to your friends via e-mail and social network sharing.
Let's Flip Out for the next 2 weeks and see how we do.

To learn more about the Spotlight program, visit http://www.flipvideospotlight.com