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UNCOUNTED is an explosive new documentary that shows how the election fraud that changed the outcome of the 2004 election led to even greater fraud in 2006 -- and now looms as an unbridled threat to the outcome of the 2008 election. This controversial feature length film by Emmy award-winning director David Earnhardt examines in factual, logical, and yet startling terms how easy it is to change election outcomes and undermine election integrity across the U.S. Noted computer programmers, statisticians, journalists, and experienced election officials provide the irrefutable proof. Beyond increasing the public’s awareness, the film inspires greater citizen involvement in fixing a broken electoral system. UNCOUNTED is a wakeup call to all Americans.

Commander N Thief

A documentary that tells the story of the means used In Ohio and across the nation to steal the 2004 presidential election. The evidence presented here should be seen as a warning that our democracy is in peril; ordinary citizens must act forcefully to restore honesty, transparency and verifiability to American elections.

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Hacking Democracy

Emmy award nominated expose of a systematic approach to stealing our elections – and our democracy – through the use of computerized electronic election equipment. Takes the viewer on a journey through the sleuthing and revealing findings of investigator Bev Harris. Shown on HBO. Public Interest Pictures

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