Year-End Message to Our Supporters

At this season of giving thanks, we in America certainly can count our blessings. We at Election Defense Alliance (EDA) wish we could report that one of those blessings is that honest elections have been restored to the American people and that that threat to our democracy has been stopped. Alas, our significant progress this year is just the beginning and we must continue this critical fight. This is a non-partisan issue. It is about the most fundamental underpinning of our democracy – free, honest, transparent elections. We must restore safe accountable elections in America with votes counted by citizens, not machines secretly programmed by private corporations. Study after study, coming out of Princeton, Johns Hopkins, the Government Accountability Office, NYU’s Brennan Center, and the California and Ohio Secretaries of State’s offices, and most recently the State of Colorado, continue to demonstrate that every kind of computerized voting machine used throughout the country is vulnerable to malfunction and malfeasance. With electronic election equipment, as the Brennan Center reported, one person can change the outcome of a race without leaving a trace. Although the mainstream media remains virtually silent, many races in our recent elections have been stolen and nothing has changed to prevent future elections from being stolen. Election theft is not just possible—it is happening and it will continue to happen. It is available to insiders and outsiders of all parties. Since its founding on July 4, 2006, EDA has distinguished itself as an election integrity organization of vision and talent with a successful track record. Indeed, in our first year we were busy laying the groundwork in investigative research, compiling data for litigation, writing and filing legislation, creating models of successful election monitoring, educating the public, the media and election officials, and designing protocols for 99+% accurate ballot validation. We have worked with legislators, news reporters, boards of elections and secretaries of state. We have published over 120 research studies, articles, letters-to-the-editor; given more than 135 radio, TV, film, and video interviews and appearances; produced more than 30 conferences and public programs; testified at scores of county and state hearings; created dozens of trainings; drafted safer protocols for vote counting; designed methodologies for forensic investigations; created models for election monitoring; filmed and exposed violations by election officials; demonstrated a 3 million vote shift in the 2006 election and issued major reports on the tell-tale pattern of vote-shifting. EDA continues its hard work on several time-critical projects and campaigns, including a court case exposing insider fraud in Pima County, AZ; working to prevent the introduction of theft-enabling computerized election equipment in New York State; an extensive recall campaign for all the dangerous, secretly programmed computerized voting equipment; and an active campaign against vote-by-mail which is dangerous because there is no citizen over-site and accountability of the mail or the vote counting. Eleven months to go. The work we’ve done has built a strong foundation, and now, with your help, we will intensify and increase our initiatives. We need to set up pilot programs demonstrating EDA’s validation protocol, commission independent polling to assess the validity of official election results in key states, and make public our analyses and conclusions. We need to gather more data as the basis for litigation, distribute handbooks and training films to at least 20 states, develop wider communications and education networks, and expand our professional staff. To get some detailed insight into how yur contributions can enable these projects, please see: Fully funding the above projects alone will cost more than $500,000. Every one of them is important. Our year-end campaign goal is $75,000. We hope you will choose to help support this critical work. No other progressive agenda will succeed if we cannot make changes at the top governmental levels. And we cannot make those changes until we have honest elections. The time is short and the need is great. Without the help of the media, our job is especially daunting. Yet we have no choice. Can we turn away and let our democracy die? Can we allow the ‘powers that be’ to manipulate elections so they can maintain control of the future of our country? Your gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please donate conveniently and securely online at: Or send checks made out to IHC / ElectionDefense Alliance and mail to: Election Defense Alliance P.O. Box 750057 Arlington Hts, MA. 02475 Please include your name, address, phone number and email Let’s do everything we can to preserve the many blessings our democracy bestows on each of us. Thank you. Sally Castleman, National Chairperson Your vote may not have counted but your donation will!

Election Defense Alliance is a project of International Humanities Center, a 501 ( c) (3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.