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Wisconsin's general election on November 7, 2006, turned out more than

2.1 million voters, at least 51 percent of the voting age population.

     What's New    

11/10/06: 2006 Fall General Election Checklist III

11/08/06: Voting Equipment Audits

11/08/06:  Recount Manual

11/07/06: Preliminary Election Returns by County

all Wisconsin counties have website links to election results.  Please
note that these results are not official until they have been certified
by the State Elections Board.  Official Election Results can be found here)

11/06/06: Public Right to Observe Elections

11/06/06: Polling Place Activity

11/03/06: Information About Ineligible Voter Lists

11/03/06: Election Day Registration Requirements (EB131)

11/02/06: Election Day Registration (Updated)

10/31/06: Voter Confidence and Election Security

10/19/06: Election Alert #2: Election Day and Federal Voter Registration Forms 

10/10/06: October 2006 SVRS Newsletter

     Upcoming Events    

11/7/2006: General Election 

- Where do I Vote? 

- Candidates on Ballot

- Referendum Questions


11/29/2006: Board Meeting