Voting Machine Testing and Certification Requirements: Vermont

Source: U.S. Election Assistance Commission

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State Requirements and the Federal Voting System Testing and Certification Program


State Participation: No Federal Requirements.
The Secretary of State determines the regulations for the certification of voting systems in VT.

Applicable Statute(s): “The secretary of state shall adopt rules governing the use and the selection of any voting machine in the state.” VT. ST. ANN. tit. 17 § 2493 (2006). Applicable Regulation(s): “As yet unapproved voting machines, devices, or systems may be approved by the secretary of state, pursuant to 17 V.S.A. § 2492(a), if they meet the standards and specifications established by these rules. Applicants for approval must arrange for a demonstration of equipment at least 60 days before an election is to be held at which the machines, devices, or systems are to be used.

Approval, approval with conditions, or denial shall be issued by the secretary of state in writing within ten days of the submission of sufficient information and assurances that the equipment can meet the needs of the community in which it is to be used and the standards set by state statutes and these rules”. 04-010-001 VT. CODE R. § 6 (2007).

State Certification Process:
Municipalities can vote to use electronic systems in subsequent elections. If this vote takes place within six months of the next general or primary election the voting systems rented or purchased by the legislative body must be approved by the Secretary of State. The municipality is responsible for all expenses acquired due to the rental or purchase of voting systems and the Secretary of State provides the ballots. VT. ST. ANN. tit. 17 §§§ 2491, 2492, 2493 (2006).

Date Last Reviewed: September 12, 2007