Volunteer to Save New York's Lever Voting System

Volunteer to help keep NY's voting systems constitutional! Everything you do and learn on this project will be applicable to other, similar projects. That's why we encourage you to join a Working Group that matches your interests, so you can team up with others interested in the same skills and subjects. Learn and work together to build up EI movement's capacity to carry out effective campaigns.
Contact Joanne Lukacher at joanne@re-mediaetc.org to get involved.

How You Can Help

Newshounds - Comb the press for articles on New York's election technology, then post comments and contact the reporters. 

Bloggers - Reach hundreds of New York readers with your commentaries on the case and critiques of mainstream coverage. 

Fundraisers - We only need a half a million dollars to pursue this; totally doable.

Board of Election Monitors - Obtain weekly feedback on how the ballot marking devices are fairing, personnel and training issues, costs, etc. Our county election commissioners need support.

Local Liaisons - Contact local political committees (Dems, Repubs, Greens, Libertarians) and civic organizations (advocacy groups, churches, clubs, unions). Voting matters to everyone!

Teachers/Professors - This is the ultimate civics lesson, defending voting rights guaranteed in the New York constitution. Bring your students to witness.

Court Gallery - Attend court hearings so the judge and newsmedia can see the public's commitment to election transparency.

Pro Bono Attorneys - This is a trailblazing lawsuit and we'll need devoted legal talent to prevail.

Videographers - Document this story as New York sets precedent for the nation, reaffirming the right to vote as the civil right that protects all others.