Save-R-Vote Election Monitoring Field Guide

This is the thoroughly documented and illustrated guide to election day monitoring by the Sav R Vote project in Riverside County, CA.

Based on the field-tested experience of one of best election-monitoring groups in the nation, this guide provides how-to instructions on everything you need to know to organize and conduct an election day monitoring program in your home county.

Although the legal citations in this guide refer to the California Election Code, and the voting system in Riverside County is the Sequoia Edge DRE, the general principles, methods, and model checklists offered in this guide are highly transferrable and adaptable to the monitoring of electronic voting systems anywhere.

The entire report is available as a 1.2 MB PDF download.Click this link to save the report to your computer's hard drive.

SAVE R VOTE Election Day Notebook
Table of Contents

Introduction to the Project
Title Page
Purpose – Overview
Chain of Custody
Election Eve Set-Up
Election Night Closing
Election Results Report
Transporting Ballots to Collection Site
Collection Station
Following to Gateway (ROV)
Election Day Observations
First Voter
Throughout the day
Ballot: Card Activator, Activator Card, Provisional, and Paper
DRE: Card stuck, calibration, security tape, and yellow button
Printer: Paper jam (out of alignment) and used all paper
Observation Report Forms (extras)
Additional Information

Election_Monitoring_Manual_SRV_EDA.pdf1.21 MB