Reverse Mississippi's Deliberate Ballot Design Manipulation

Update: In a partial victory that fell short of actual correction to this situation, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that state law requires that contests for national office be placed at the top of the ballot (rather than be buried at the bottom) -- but stopped short of issuing an order that this be done.
To download a PDF of the court ruling in Barbour v. Berger click here.
We recommend especially the dissenting opinion by Justice Diaz joined by Easly and Graves.

Action of the Day 091708

-- [Today's action prepared by the Care2 Petition Site:]
EDA editor's note: We are reproducing the text of the Care2 Alert verbatim.
The facts speak for themselves. Republican officials in Mississippi in charge of the state's election procedures have deliberately chosen to alter ballot design in violation of state law and common sense, with the predictable result that voters will be disoriented and many will probably error when voting on the U.S. Senate race.

Denouncing the perpetrators of partisan election manipulations like this one is NOT a partisan act on our part.
Election fraud, manipulation, and dirty tricks are wrong no matter who the perpetrators are -- and it is a multipartisan civic duty to put a stop to it.

Republican officials in Mississippi must be desperate. They're pulling out the stops in election shenanigans in an attempt to confuse voters, hoping to push a close Senate contest to the Republican candidate.

Tell the Mississippi governor: The purposefully confusing ballot is illegal!

The Republican Secretary of State decided to bury the Senate race below all local contests on the ballot.
The race, between interim Senator Roger Wicker -- a Republican temporarily appointed to replace Trent Lott -- and former Democratic Governor Ronnie Musgrove, is expected to be close, making it one of the most important in the state.

Not only does burying this Senate race below all the local ones confuse voters, it's a direct violation of state election law, which clearly states that federal races must be on the top of the ballot!

Tell Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour -- who approved the ballot -- to reverse his decision in order to maintain the integrity of America's electoral process!

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