Recount Validates RTA Election Results, Goddard Says

From J. T. Waldron, director of "Fatally Flawed", a documentary co-production of Election Defense Alliance and Sound and Fury Productions, Inc. :

"Copies of the rough cut for "Fatally Flawed" have been circulating all last week.

The film includes an ending with the statement:
"After the count, Attorney General Terry Goddard announced that his office found no evidence of tampering of the RTA election."

Cynically, perhaps pragmatically, we didn't anticipate having to change the ending. This was a precarious time, actually, because it was very doubtful that [Pima County administrator] Chuck Huckleberry would have to go down. I just couldn't see it.

But I could not predict that Goddard would stonewall so blatantly on the poll tapes and forensic analysis of ballots.

Why would he not look at poll tapes and forensic data to evaluate the value of these ballots as evidence?

We do know that:
1. Goddard had the opportunity to perform these tasks.
2. Goddard was informed of the necessity to perform these tasks.
3. The choice by Goddard was to avoid these tasks.

There's more to this missing ballot saga that we are interested in finding out about soon."

About This Film

"Fatally Flawed," is a true detective story about a transit bond ballot measure passed under suspicious circumstances in Pima County, AZ in 2006.

Tell-tale evidence of insider election rigging was uncovered by the team of EDA Investigator John Brakey and Jim March of Blackbox Voting. Working with a coalition of election integrity activists and political parties, Brakey and March have doggedly pursued a 3-year investigation, resulting in a series of court actions focused on the public's right to examine the ballot evidence.

Persistent unanswered questions in the case led to a criminal investigation by the Arizona attorney general, involving a recount conducted under conditions that made meaningful public observation impossible.

There is more to this story than meets the public eye. The denouement of Fatally Flawed is in the making as of this moment.