Put a Paper Ballot Plank in All Party Platforms

For Continuous Release July 19 - 27, 2008

Subject: Calling All Political Parties to Endorse a PAPER BALLOT Platform Plank in their National Party Platform

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Dale Axelrod
Phone: 415-824-1549
E-Mail: dalea@sonic.net
Web site: www.PaperBallot.info

Dan Ashby
Phone: 510-233-2144
E-Mail: Info@ElectionDefenseAlliance.org
Web site: www.ElectionDefenseAlliance.org/paper_ballot_plank


Resolution to Include in 2008 National Political Party Platforms "All Voting Systems Shall Provide a Paper Ballot as the Ballot of Record."


Concerned Members of ALL Political Parties, Election Integrity activists at the California State Democratic Party Convention were successful in amending the Political Reform section of the state party platform, striking the words "paper trail" and substituting instead the words "a paper ballot as the ballot of record." This is a very important distinction that must be put into every national political party platform for 2008. Only with a tangible paper ballot can a voter have confidence that there is something to count. We urge concerned members of ALL political party affiliated organizations, such as local clubs, assembly, senate, and county central committees, and especially those participating in "Listening to America" Platform Meetings announced by the Obama campaign across America from July 19 to 27, to push for adoption of the following resolution as a plank in your national party platform:

Proposed PAPER BALLOT Platform Plank for Verifiable Elections: "Be it resolved that we shall demand, actively work for, and support reliable, fraud-free elections by requiring that all voting systems shall provide a paper ballot, marked and verified by the voter, as the ballot of record."


Resource Links:

Paper Ballot Platform Plank http://www.paperballot.info/
Obama Campaign's "Listening to America—Help Shape the Democratic Party's Platform for Change" http://my.barackobama.com/listening
2008 California State Democratic Party Platform (p.10,Political Reform,paragraph 8): http://www.cadem.org/site/c.jrLZK2PyHmF/b.1193757/k.A452/Political_Reform.htm
Tangible Ballot Initiative: http://www.TangibleBallot.org/
Election Defense Alliance: http://www.ElectionDefenseAlliance.org/
Verifygra: http://www.verifygra.com/

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