Jonathan Simon on the 2004 Exit Polls: Bush Victory Statistically Impossible

Election Rigging 101: Exit Polls from EON Productions

Dr. Jonathan Simon demonstrates through statistical analysis that Bush's popular vote "victory" in 2004 is impossible. He explains the highly discredited "Bush Reluctant Responder" Theory used by pollster Mitovsky to 'adjust' the exit poll results was not supported by Mitovsky's own data and was in fact contradicted by it. This is an explosive commentary on the disastrous state of our democracy and the media complicity in propounding utterly unsubstantiated theories and mathmatically impossible election outcomes. Dr. Simon reports that we now have Faith-Based elections, not supported by independent, accurate vote tabulations. We are also cautioned that legislation (such as HR 550) that provide a highly inadequate audit of a "paper trail" should not give us comfort in any degree when the audit is not capable of detecting outcome altering fraud or mistake.

For further evidence and a graphic timeline of the national exit poll red shift on election night,
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