Impeachment Resolution Coming to NH State Legislature This Week

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NH impeachment resolution comes up for House vote (HB24)

A state legislative petition for Congress to commence impeachment proceedings

New Hampshire's House Resolution 24, an effort to commence impeachment procedures in the US Congress is part of a history-making effort originating from Thomas Jefferson's Manual, Sec 603.

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When HR 24 passes the New Hampshire House, it will be enacted as a petition, transmitted to Congress as a directive from the State level to the U.S. Congress, bypassing the gridlock of Washington DC politics.

Only passage inthe New Hampshire House is needed to commence impeachment in the US Congress.

The New Hampshire House of Representative's "full" House Vote is scheduled tentatively in this week's New Hampshire House Session. The exact date and time is yet to be determined, but it's likely the vote will either be Wednesday, March 5th or March 12th. The House is in regular session on Wednesdays, but may add a day in the case of a full schedule.

Representative Betty Hall, author of the resolution, needs huge support from across the nation for this measure to succeed. We ask you to send your message to the legislators of New Hampshire telling them for the sake our country, vote in the affirmative for HR 24!

Send your messages to: I.Support.HR24[at]gmail[dot]com


Rep. Pamela D Coughlin for the Majority of State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs: The majority of the committee believes that the world is in perilous and uncertain times and this House Resolution will encourage intolerance, violence and hatred around the world. Our President is the Commander in Chief. Our United States military has many troops along with many civilian contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan since the attacks on United States soil on September 11, 2001. This House Resolution will encourage terrorists to continue their attacks and hurt the morale of the United States' military forces and civilian contractors throughout the world. It will also undermine our troop's ability to pursue and accomplish their mission, which is the protection and security of the United States of America.
Vote 10-5.

Rep. Eleanor Glynn Kjellman for the Minority of State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs: This bill is a petition to the US House of Representatives to commence impeachment procedures. Under Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, a state legislature may bring this action. Many citizens and several representatives of the NH House of various political persuasions and parties, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Democrats, appeared before the committee in favor of this resolution. It appears to be not only bi-partisan but also multi-partisan. This resolution does not impeach the president, but requests that the US House begin an investigation regarding the various grievances of the petitioners. It is not our prerogative in the NH House to argue the merits of the grievances, or to seek proof of their validity, indeed that is the purpose of the impeachment inquiry in the US House. Impeachment is a tool of accountability – part of the checks and balances process of our democracy - which is available to the citizens in our democracy. The people have a right to petition their representatives and we have a duty to respond and act – regardless of the timing, convenience, political expediency or other concerns which are secondary to the preservation of the democratic process. We believe the process of impeachment should be exercised to maintain accountability in the office of the Presidency.

The NH House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 10-5, 1 protest vote and 3 not present for ITL, or inexpedient to legislate, but the bill continues to go forward, for the full House vote of New Hampshire's Honorable Representatives.

"Live Free or Die"

The New Hampshire Bill of Rights, Sec. 10, retains the right of REVOLUTION, enacted in 1784 and never changed since.

A feature unique to New Hampshire legislative procedure, is that every bill introduced and sent to committee receives a vote in the full House. In New Hampshire there are 400 House legislators representing a relatively small population.

When HR 24 passes, it does not require approval by the New Hampshire Senate and it does not require the New Hampshire Governor's signature to be brought to the US Congress.

When approved in the Ne Hampshire House, HR 24 will be enacted as a petition, and transmitted to Congress as a directive from the State level to the U.S. Congress, bypassing the gridlock of Washington DC politics.

Send your messages to: I.Support.HR24[at]gmail[dot]com

E-mails will be printed for every legislator to read of the People's concern and support of HR24.