Help Build a National Election Integrity E-mail Network

The Election Integrity "Superlist" E-mail Network Plan in Brief:
With your help, Election Defense Alliance proposes building a national election integrity E-mail network composed of many separate e-mail lists, each one a branch in the larger tree.

Each branch will be managed by a participating individual or organization who agrees to transmit occasional election integrity messages to the addresses on the e-mail lists they manage.

Note: We are not asking for lists of individual e-mail addresses. We are asking you to help us make contacts with e-mail list managers, so that election integrity messages can be transmitted to the mailing lists they manage.

Information and Speech Are Still Free on the Internet (Use or Lose)
Let's make full use of internet e-mail, the only mass communications medium we have that is not subject to corporate censoring of news about fraudulent elections. The EI movement should put to full use the power of proliferating e-mail contacts to branch out beyond the core membership of our respective electoral integrity organizations. This is what it will take to build the level of mass awareness necessary to break through corporate media control and reclaim our elections and government from the corporations and "unduly electeds" who have usurped our democracy.

Building the Election Integrity Superlist involves identifying managers of e-mail lists, persuading them to participate in a national election integrity e-mail network, and asking 10 questions about the characteristics of each list they manage.

Participation in the network is always voluntary. Each list manager will have discretionary control over which messages to send or not send.

Please note, we are not asking for lists of individual e-mail addressess (always a closely guarded resource!).

Rather, we are compiling a list of e-mail lists, and obtaining agreements from list managers to relay occasional messages of broad relevance to the election integrity cause. All group and individual list managers participating in the network may propose messages to be sent over the network. Transmission of each message is always at the voluntary option of each participating group or list manager.

How to Participate

    • Think of likely sources of e-mail lists
    • Identify the persons who manage those lists
    • Explain project and request list managers' participation
    • Gather 10 points of information about each list
    • Send in the list information to EDA

That's it in a nutshell. A project discussion and methodological details are presented in greater detail at: where you will also find download links for a cover letter you can adapt for your own, and list questionnaire forms to use when interviewing list managers.