Ellen Brodsky Vindicated, Broward County Drops Charges


Congratulations to Ellen Brodsky and her attorney Tanner Andrews

Florida election integrity advocate Ellen Brodsky was arrested last November on false charges of misdemeanor trespass, for attempting to witness a public meeting involving counting of the votes in Broward County. Now, Broward County has dropped all charges, basically admitting they had arrested her without legal cause. This is an outrage for a citizen like Ellen to be arrested for exercising her rights to make sure our votes are counted accurately.

A post-acquittal news interview with Ellen Brodsky and her attorney Tanner Andrews

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw-D3uLeFrY

BradBlog has covered the story in detail:

Exclusive: All Charges Dropped Against FL Election Integrity Advocate Arrested Last November

Broward County, FL, has dropped all charges against a local Election Integrity advocate whose arrest, described by an election official and other colleagues at the time as "outrageous," was captured on video tape late last year. Ellen Brodsky, who had been a non-partisan candidate for Supervisor of Elections in last November's election, was arrested at the apparent behest of the office of the county's current Supervisor of Elections --- Brodsky's Democratic opponent in the race --- Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, while trying to view public, post-election counting and canvassing of ballots.

She was charged, at the time, with "disorderly conduct" and "trespassing," forced to spend the night in jail, and not released until nearly 6:00am the next morning, even though her son had posted the required $25 (twenty-five dollar) bail for her by 8:30pm on the evening of her arrest. The "disorderly conduct" charges were dropped some time later, following the release of a video tape of the incident as posted by The BRAD BLOG in the days following the arrest.

The tape, reposted again at the bottom of this article, revealed that Brodsky's conduct had been anything but disorderly when the county police were summoned by Fred Bellis, a deputy election official from Snipes' office, and Brodsky was thrown into handcuffs and hauled away. While Brodsky's trial on a "trespassing" charge had been set to start today, a last-minute offer to drop all charges, in exchange for admissions by Brodsky that she would not be disruptive in the future, was sent to her last night from Snipes' attorney.

See BradBlog for the complete story: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=6978#more-6978


Some Comments in Reply to the YouTube Video:

Tanner and Ellen you are HEROS ! Shame on the Broward State Attorney for not dropping this right off the bat- Ellen had video tape (thank god, or she would still be in jail) proving that she was not inside the building at the time she was arrested. Huge amounts of shame on Benda Snipes and her assistant Fred Bellis for sending Ellen to jail for exercising her RIGHTS as a citizen. Broward is such an anti-democratic backwater sometimes!


Ellen Brodsky demonstrated great courage when she risked her safety in order to exercise her right to observe the counting of votes. Her vindication following maltreatment and incarceration is a lesson to timid citizens that is possible to prevail when defending one's constitutional rights. The state attorneys also need to be appreciated for following the law in this instance, instead of attempting to confect a case that would further punish the defendant.


Ms. Brodsky had to agree to obey the law even though she had committed no crime, and Broward county had merely to agree to obey the law even though they HAD committed several crimes (intimidation, harassment, false arrest, wasting taxpayer money with a frivolous case, and barring the public from public meetings), probably to cover up OTHER crimes (rigged elections). Is it justice to treat habitual criminals (Broward county) and a law-abiding citizen (Ms. Brodsky) exactly the same way?








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