EDA Election '08 Results and Findings

Holding Space for Results '08

When the EDA Election Data Analysis reports are ready, we will display on this page:

1. Summary comparison of national vote and (official) national exit polls (NEP)

2. Results summary of the independent citizen Election Verification Exit Polls (EVEP)
(Initially we will display just the presidential figures; we will add in the complete data later)

3. The summary table for the Survey USA telephone canvass data

Other pages linked to this one will display selected voter incident reports and additional news and commentary.

NOTE: Although the Obama tide was too overwhelming for a McCain theft to have succeeded, EDA found in the election night unadjusted exit polls, evidence that computerized election fraud did occur, altering the outcome of contests in the House and Senate.

To the best of our ability, EDA will be issuing detailed reports showing where this occurred, working with the indirect evidence of exit polls. EDA and the public alike are denied access to the incontrovertible direct evidence -- the ballots themselves -- because the American electoral system has been outsourced to private vendors who count the votes with secret software, exploiting claims of proprietary trade secrets to deny public access to the actual ballot records. Unfortunately, the U.S. judicial system continues, in the main, to uphold these outrageous corporate claims against the sovereign right of the people, and Congress has so far failed to enact national election transparency legislation affirming the public's right to direct observation and verification of all election processes and records.

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IN THE MEANTIME, we present:

1. A Summary of Election Day 2008 from the Ruckus Society, who were standing by in case things went rapidly downhill, as they very well might have;


2. the Turdblossom Lectures by Mr. Karl Rove, on the art and science of Swinging Elections.


We at EDA appreciated very much a call checking in on our well-being this afternoon from Sharon Lungo of Ruckus Society, as the first polls were closing in the East.

Thanks to the Ruckus Society for having the energy left to put out this wrap-up on Election Day 2008:

So for those who have been watching, to close the loop :)

This is a report on Election Protection issues today in a nutshell:

Overall there were a ton of problems during the early voting process and all day today. The turn-out was beyond even the highest expectations. There was also some deeply collaborative response work - election protection was finally addressed as a combined legal, media and grassroots organizing strategy. This is exciting growth, and something to smile about, and though there were problems there were also amazing responses, so we are documenting both here.

Reports fell into a couple of key clusters, so we're just gonna give y'all highlights, simple as possible:

1. Long Lines!

What happened: High turn-out combined with faulty machines, too few machines, and poorly trained poll workers made for some extremely long lines today.

Response: Organizers from various campaigns and amazing citizen activists who heard the call from us and other groups today went out to the polls with chairs, music, poems, rhymes and song to help support voters to stay strong. Folks video'd the vote, tweeted, called, and stayed out as long as they needed to keep people at the polls, and make sure their vote was counted.

2. Names not on the Rolls!

What happened: Towards the beginning of the day in particular, the reports were largely that folks showed up and their names weren't there. This wasn't just for new voters, a lot of the reports were from folks who had voted in the same place for more than 2 elections.

Response: Calls poured into 866-OUR-VOTE (over 50,000 today alone) and legal teams responded where possible, and well-prepared voter education teams reminded people to fight for their right to vote. Unfortunately in a lot of places that meant voting on provisional ballots, which are the last to be counted.

3. Machine Glitchery!

What Happened:

A. President Vote Disappearances: When folks selected a presidential candidate, then selected a straight party line, it somehow disappeared the presidential selection. Initially this was only being reported by Democrats, but there were isolated Republican, Green and other parties seeing this happen.

B. Machines Broke! Overuse? Sabotage? Just not enough of them? Time will tell. This is one area Black Box Voting and others covered very well, and we need to be prepared to follow their lead in the future.

Response: Voters who noticed this were given paper ballot options. In situation A, officials claimed it was counting in the magic machine even though it wasn't showing up. The power of voter organizing was in effect here and kept folks ensured that their vote would be counted, hopefully by paper ballot!

4. Nefarious Texting and Flyers!

What Happened: College students and others were reported as receiving messages telling them to vote on Wednesday due to long lines and last minute "change of plans." We received reports of this happening in TX, FL, PA, MT, GA, VA, NM, CO and UT. In some messages it was specified that Democrats should vote on Wednesday.

Response: Jaws dropped, and then folks sent out educational emails, texts and got the message to their organizers in the field to let folks know that the vote for all people was in fact November 4, 2008. Amazing viral outreach on this one!

There was more, there was so much more, but right now we have to run out in the street and act a fool.

One exciting point that for us is huge, cuz y'all know we have given our hearts to this: Young people, who made up 18% of the voters today, were out in force. Black folks were out in force. Gay folks were out in force. The energy of the day was remarkable, and we want to shout out our gratitude to everyone who hit the streets, phones, blogs, and polls for the last months and today starting at 3am.


And we'll be back to work tomorrow :)

--Adrienne Maree Brown and Jessamyn Delight Sabbag

It seemed like 2004 all over again.

Not only were touchscreen machines flipping votes from Obama to McCain in West Virgina.

It was also happening in Texas.

And Tennessee.

There's a reason for this. And a plan.

We've launched our Part Two in the "Swinging Elections Lecture Series" -- and it's going all over the country to young voters.

This short, animated video features Karl Rove/Turdblossom, demonstrating how the voting machines can be hacked.

In case you missed it, in Part One, Rove introduced his Plan.

Now, we've got to alert people to pay attention to the vote counting, not just go home, pop a cool one and watch the returns.

We really need to collect the evidence.

There are a lot of options: Fill out incident reports, poll monitor, audit the vote count, participate in citizen exit polls.

It's all in our hip and comprehensive Voters Guide

Please post this up on your site and forward the link to your friends.

All the material is substantiated in our Interactive Scrapbook.

Onward, with gratitude for all that you do,

-- Sheri Myers and the rest of the Wake Up team


Wake Up and Save Your Country's mission is to provide information about election protection to the grassroots using new media and off-the-blanket creativity.



Lecture Part 1

Lecture Part 2

For more from the talented team who produced the Lectures, see: http://wakeupandsaveyourcountry.com/

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