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Warn Congress: H.R. 811 is The Patriot Act of Elections
An Election Deception Too Dangerous for Democracy April 16, 2007



(And Who Will Decide) Who Counts the Votes?




PEN a Letter to Congress and Press

State, County Election Officials Oppose H.R. 811


(And Who Will Decide) Who Counts the Votes?

The EAC, created as a temporary advisory commission to implement HAVA, is in fact a federal executive commission that can at any time be converted into a federal regulatory agency by the insertion of a single line of text in any act of Congress. Regulatory powers would enable the EAC to effectively bypass Congress and create law that preempts Constitutional state sovereignty in election administration. This would allow four White House appointees to determine:
  • Which voting systems are approved for use in our elections
  • Who counts the votes, and how votes are counted
  • How recounts are conducted and outcomes decided

This is a clear and present danger to American democracy. We cannot allow it! Halt H.R. 811!


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We'd all like to think that Rush Holt's H.R. 811 bill, The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, is a good thing. But just like No Child Left Behind, The Healthy Forests Act, and The Patriot Act, the name doesn't match the reality.

Well-intentioned groups such as MoveOn and PFAW--and even some voting activist groups--have been taken in by the Holt "Voter Confidence" spin. They assure us that H.R. 811 will "Ban Paperless Voting," but here's what's hidden in the fine print:

H.R. 811 Actually Requires More Computerized Voting! The Holt bill opens a back door to permanent electronic voting in every polling place in America, by mandating a new generation of unnecessary, unproven computerized voting technology, adding more secret software to our elections, and sending at least another $4 billion in taxpayer money to the electronic voting industry.--and--

H.R. 811 Consolidates Executive Control of Elections H.R. 811 gives permanent control over the nation's voting equipment to the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) -- four White House appointees!




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For more on what's DEAD WRONG with H.R. 811, see EDA 811 Resource Page Thirteen Significant Problems in H.R. 811 by Nancy Tobi HR 811: Ten Blunders in A Deceptive Boondoggle by Bruce O'Dell Critical Annotation of H.R. 811 by Bev Harris and More




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  • PEN a Letter to Congress and Press


To the Honorable: I write in opposition to the Holt Bill, H.R. 811, which promises "increased voter confidence" but actually perpetuates secret vote-counting by computers while handing centralized control of federal elections to four White House appointees. Because it requires a computerized text conversion device in every polling place, H.R. 811 would actually require electronic voting machines, effectively ruling out noncomputerized voting methods such as handcounted paper ballots. For the same reason H.R. 811 would also rule out noncomputerized voter assistive devices that provide better accessiblity features at far less cost, while avoiding the unacceptable risks of secret, computerized vote-counting. This unnecessary, unproven, as-yet nonexistent text converter device that H.R. 811 requires is a gift to the E-voting industry and an under-funded federal mandate that will impose huge cost burdens on the states. . . . read more . . . Then PEN Your Letter to Congress, the Press, and Friends--All at Once!


  • State, County Election Officials Oppose H.R. 811


The nation's election administrators are rising to resist Holt. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) issued a joint statement opposing H.R. 811 and the Senate companion bill, S. 559. "This legislation would exacerbate, rather than assist states and counties in addressing these challenges which could lead to disastrous unintended consequences in the 2008 presidential election."



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