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UPDATE: July 27 "Floor Manager" revision of H.R. 811
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Click here to read critical annotation by Nancy Tobi

UPDATE:Text of Amended Holt Bill ("Lofgren substitute")
Released May 8th by House Committee on Administration

UPDATE: Clause-by-Clause Analysis by Nancy Tobi
of the Amended Holt Bill of May 8 (the "Lofgren Substitute")

UPDATE: HR 811: Let the Debate Begin, in the Open, in Public
by Nancy Tobi

UPDATE: A Five-Point Proposal for Publicly Accountable Elections
by Nancy Tobi

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Statement on Election Reform by NASS (National Assoc. of Secretaries of State)
NASS Resolution on Election Assistance Commission (EAC)

UPDATE: EAC Takes Aim at Paper Ballots
by Nancy Tobi

Click here for (Pre-Amendment) Text of H.R. 811 (as published on 02/05/07)

Thirteen Significant Problems in H.R. 811, the New Holt Bill

by Nancy Tobi

HR 811: Ten Blunders in A Deceptive Boondoggle

By Bruce O'Dell

Son of Holt, No Better

Critical Annotation of H.R. 811 by Bev Harris.

State (NCSL) and County (NACo) Election Administrators' Joint Statement of Opposition to H.R. 811

Request by Voters to Amend the Holt Bill

The "Request by Voters" is a nationally distributed appeal to Congress for needed election reforms proposed by the election integrity movement. Election Defense Alliance joins many other organizations in endorsing these proposals for effective legislative reform, to correct the damage wrought by HAVA and to amend or replace well-intentioned but seriously misguided proposals currently present in the "Holt Bill" (H.R. 550).

We are asking for your support of our Request by Voters, and for permission to add your name to our letter to Congress. Please respond with your affirmation of support TODAY by visiting this link to add your name and organization (if applicable) to the petition:


Election Reform/HR 811 Hearings, House Committee on Administration

 HR 811 The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007

HR 6414

Companion measure to HR 811 containing audit provisions extracted from HR 811


Analyses of EAC:

Danger of centralized, federal executive control over elections


Futility of "certification" of voting machines

EAC Certification as a Ponzi Scheme: Summary
EAC Voting Equipment Certification as a Ponzi Scheme

2 attachments

Analysis of Certification Timelines

The proposed Holt Bill (HR 811) attempts to require a text converter in every precinct

Letters and Testimony by Election Officials Opposing HR 811

The Election Center

Boone County, Missouri writes Congress in opposition to Holt Bill

President of Access for the Handicapped, writes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill

Maryland Election Officials write Congress in opposition to Holt Bill

Chris Nelson, South Dakota Secretary of State writes to Congress in opposition to Holt bill

New Jersey emails Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill

Texas County Clerk faxes Congress in opposition to Holt Bill

Ohio faxes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill

NH faxes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill

California faxes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill

NH faxes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill (#2)

California faxes Congress in opposition to the Holt Bill (#2)

Thanks to Kathy Dopp of NEDA/USCountVotes for Providing these Links to Selected Articles

"Fool Me Once: Checking Vote Count Integrity"

DeForest Soaries says that "EAC and Federal efforts for election reform 'A Charade,' 'Travesty'!

"Why not Re-Authorize the EAC"

"The US Election Assistance Commission Has Not Done its Job"

Voting System Software Disclosure.pdf
David Wagner - testimony before the House Admin committee

"Critical changes are needed to HR811"

"What's Wrong with Holt II (HR 811)" by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting


"New Version of Holt Bill: A Giant Step Backwards"
by Nancy Tobi of Democracy for New Hampshire

"Essential Revisions to HR811"
By John Gideon, Voters Unite, February 27, 2007

HR811 Review by Marian Beddill

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