All Elections Are Local: Join an Election Integrity Group Near You

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A core concept we have at EDA is that all elections are local. There is no substitute for taking action in the precincts and counties where you live and vote.

Our goal at EDA is to build local-to-national collaboration among regional election integrity groups acting locally but also with collective strategy for effecting national outcome. This collaboration we speak of is not one-way and top-down, but two-way and interactive.

Local groups have invaluable direct experience that can be synthesized and applied at a national level.

A national group can develop research, legal, media, and fundraising capacities that are beyond the scope of smaller local groups.

We encourage you to go get active with a local or regional election integrity group where you live -- and then put that experience to work at a national level as well, by becoming an active member of an EDA Working Group. Everything that you learn and do on the local level can be leveraged for double-duty, working with EDA to build a collaborative national effort.

To find a state or regional election integrity group near you, see this directory:
If you know of additional groups not listed here, please send us their contact information.