Sequoia Announces Open-Source, Open-Architecture "Frontier Election System"


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* On 8:00 am EDT, Tuesday October 27, 2009

Sequoia Voting Systems Announces the First Transparent Election System with Fully Disclosed, Freely Available Source Code and Open Architecture Developed to Meet Federal Voting System Guidelines

Sequoia’s Frontier Election System Source Code Will Be Available for Public Download Through the Company’s Website Beginning November 2009

System Slated to Enter the Election Assistance Commission’s Federal Voting System Certification Program in Mid-2010  

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Sequoia Voting Systems officially introduced its latest revolutionary new offering – the Frontier Election Systemtm – the first transparent end-to-end election system including precinct and central count digital optical scan tabulators, robust election management and ballot preparation system, and a tally, tabulation, and reporting applications based on an open architecture with publicly disclosed source code developed specifically to meet current and future iterations of the federal Voting System Guidelines.

“Security through obfuscation and secrecy is not security,”
said Eric D. Coomer, PhD, Vice President of Research and Product Development at Sequoia Voting Systems. “Fully disclosed source code is the path to true transparency and confidence in the voting process for all involved. Sequoia is proud to be the leader in providing the first publicly disclosed source code for a complete end-to-end election system from a leading supplier of voting systems and software. Sequoia’s Frontier Election System has been designed to comply with all the current Election Assistance Commission’s Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.”

Frontier is a comprehensive election system centered around digital scan Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) tabulators with patent-pending triple-relatable-records, open data formats, and publicly disclosed source code.

Sequoia’s Frontier Election System has been in active development for 18 months and has been demonstrated at various state, national, and international election conferences over the past 12 months to positive feedback from election officials and all facets of the election community. The company expects the system to enter the federal Voting System Certification Program during the first half of 2010.

“Frontier is a new system developed from the ground up with the full intention of releasing all of the source code to any member of the public who wishes to download it - from computer scientists and election officials to students, security experts and the voting public,” said Dr. Coomer. “While we are extremely confident in the quality of the software that our skilled team has developed, no software is perfect. Transparency and collaborative review will yield the most robust and secure product with the highest voter confidence.”

To this end, Sequoia will begin releasing fully functioning modules of Frontier’s systems with all source code on the company’s website at beginning in mid-November, 2009.

“The development team looks forward to receiving constructive feedback from all interested parties as we strive to provide the most secure, transparent and trustworthy voting system available,” Dr. Coomer said.

All Frontier Election System data formats are human-readable, self-documenting XML with no proprietary data structures. Sequoia will also publish the schemas for all data captured and exchanged by the system.

“Frontier is Sequoia’s answer to the election community’s demand for increased security, reliability, transparency, and auditability in a voting system,” said Jack A. Blaine, President & CEO of Sequoia Voting Systems.

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