Something exciting is happening! Last week my colleague Brad Friedman of TheBradBlog (www.bradblog.com, this is the blog I've done some guest blogging for) blogged about his idea that Congress pass emergency paper ballot legislation in time for this November's elections. Yesterday, that idea was introduced into the Senate as the Boxer-Dodd bill, AKA The Confidence in Voting Act. This bill would provide funding to states to produce and make available paper ballots for those voters who want to use them and in case of electronic voting machine failures, such as seen around the country in the primary elections.

After this week Congress will be in recess until after the elections. This bill needs swift action in order to pass. It has momentum. It needs your help.

Give it your support here:


A companion House bill has been introduced by Rush Holt(D-NJ).

Then forward this message to your lists!

Barbara Boxer writes about the Act:

"The American people deserve an elections system that is beyond reproach -- a system where every vote counts and every vote is counted. That's why I've introduced new legislation, co-sponsored by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), to address this problem -- and I hope you'll urge your Members of Congress to support it.

My 'Confidence in Voting Act' is simple. It urges local jurisdictions to make paper ballots available at every polling place, so any voter who wants one can use one, and so there is a back-up in case electronic voting machines fail. What's more, my legislation defrays the cost by reimbursing local jurisdictions up to $.75 for each of these contingency paper ballots produced.

This is a win-win for local governments and for individual voters. The 'Confidence in Voting Act' will make it easier for states to do the right thing in this November's election -- and it will make the American people more confident about the outcome. Please forward an email to your Members of Congress now -- urge them to support my "Confidence in Voting Act" before Congress adjourns this week!"

Want to do more?

Here are some options:

Make calls and send faxes to your Senators and Congressional Representatives. Find their contact information here:

Get paid to watch the polls! Sign up here:

Contribute to pinpointed election protection efforts here:

If you're in California, Support Debra Bowen for Secretary of State! Hold a house party!

Check out additional options to take action here:

Remember to contact Congress about the Confidence in Voting Act and forward this email.

Thanks for caring about the future of democracy in the U.S.!

Emily Levy, Velvet Revolution