Vote Rescue Radio: What Happened in New Hampshire

2008/01/27 - 13:00

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Tomorrow, January 27th, from 2-4 CST we will cover the events this past week at the New Hampshire recount!

I just returned after spending four days there, part of the time with Bev Harris and some other fine election reform activists. I was one of the drivers "chasing" the van (driven by "Butch" and "Hoppy") and the police car that were picking up the boxes of ballots from various New Hampshire towns for the recount at the State Archive building. I witnessed some fascinating events and met some courageous, committed people, especially the Republican candidate who filed for the recount, Albert Howard.

Also there were Kathy Greenwell, chief source for the Bullitt County, Kentucky section of Bev's "Moonshine Elections" series; and Jeannie Dean, videographer extraordinaire from Sarasota, Florida (home of the 18,000 undervotes in 2006!) as well as Walter Reddy of Connecticut, creator of the election monitoring website "Liberty Broadcast Network" (.org), and Bob Schulz of "We the People Foundation", who filed the "National Clean Election Lawsuit" (NCEL) against all 50 Secretaries of State or Boards of Elections for allowing the use of electronic voting machines, in violation of the Constititution. We may get some of the players to call in tomorrow to help bring the coverage to life.

Also, returning guest Debbie Stevens, co-host with Randy Kelton of the We the People Radio Network show "The Rule of Law", will be back on to give a more comprehensive overview of how citizens can bring criminal complaints to grand juries against public officials who break the law--and how she is about to unleash her wrath against the Texas Voting Systems Examiners Board, the panel who meets behind closed doors with electronic voting machine vendors for certification hearings resulting in the purchase of electronic voting machines for Texas -- with no citizen input!--AND the former Texas Secretary of State, Roger Williams!

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